Private Session

1 hour

1 person-$125

2 people-$150

3 to 4 people-$200

Why Private Yoga Session?

Wonder if you are “doing it right”?

In our private sessions, receive gentle and safe adjustments to your physical yoga practice and alignment and motivational cues that enhance your body and practice.  One-on-one sessions allow you to ask questions as we go so that each pose feels good for your body that day.

Are there specific poses or target areas that you would like to focus on?

Unlike a group class where everyone receives the same theme and focus that the teacher has chosen for the day, you will be able to determine the direction of your practice.  Have tight hips and hamstrings that need special attention or want to master Warrior 2?  If you have specific goals I can make them into a practice for our session and I’ll have suggestions for you to work on until we next meet.


Your pace – today.

In private sessions there is no need to keep up with a group or slow down for newcomers.  Whether you have extra energy or are you feeling a little tired on the day of our session, we can find a pace for your practice that fits where you are and where you want to be by the end of your practice.  Maybe we will embrace a tired day with restorative poses or we will try to counter the drop in energy with poses that energize you for your long day ahead. 

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