Sound Therapies

Sound Therapy


Private Session- 45 mins

1 Person-$125

2 People-$150

3 to 4 People-$200

What is Sound Healing?

Sound healing with singing bowls is a vibrational healing energy that helps to move the energy in the body into alignment.

Some people experience a feeling of being separate in body and mind in a session, some have a sense of deep relaxation and calm, and others see colors or images. 


Everyone experiences something different in a sound session and the healing intention of both the bowls and the reiki practice is that the healing goes where it needs to go for the individual.

Private sound healing sessions with Himalayan singing bowls allow you to lie back while bowls are placed around your body in alignment with your main chakras.  

I play the bowls in ways that promote deep relaxation, cleanse and balance the charkas (energy centers), and promote healing.  Bowls will also be played on the body to promote deep vibrational healing.  

Sound healing with singing bowls can reduce stress and anxiety, promote healing, improve sleep, and get your energy centers in alignment so that you are prepared to manifest your intentions.

Benefits of Sound Healing

  • Cleanses and balances the chakras (energy centers in the body)

  • Improves sleep

  • Reduces anxiety

  • Helps to calm "monkey mind"

  • Allows you to deeply relax

  • Promotes healing


Vibrational Sound Therapy

with Mary 

Private Session - 1 hour $125

3 Sessions for $299

Vibrational sound therapy is a very personal experience in which specially calibrated tuning forks are used to deeply relax you, raise your vibrational frequency, and open you up to a connection with your own spiritual energy.  Mary is a certified practitioner of the Alexander Method of Vibrational Sound & Energy TherapyTM , a cutting-edge modality that is accredited by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.  During the session clients lay on a massage table fully clothed, and minimal touch is needed. The sounds of the forks bring your brain waves down into a theta state, and while Mary balances and aligns your chakra energy system, she uses her intuitive gifts to engage your spiritual guidance team (yes, your “guardian angels”… everyone has at least one!) in connecting with you and guiding you towards a state of relaxed well-being, wholeness, and heightened intuition.

A vibrational sound therapy session is referred to as a “tuning”.  Just as a guitar can fall out of tune, humans can fall out of tune due to stress and other factors. You will find that once you are in tune, you notice when you feel out of tune again.  A series of tunings is recommended for optimal benefit, but even one tuning yields results such as deep relaxation, anxiety reduction, better sleep, sharpened intuition, and increased interest in self-care. Regular tunings tend to result in lucid dreams and an awakening of the spiritual self; Mary encourages clients to stay in contact with her as much as they need to. Her ongoing support and advice along the journey are offered freely as part of the tuning process.

About Mary

Mary M. is a professional musician and vocalist who has always been fascinated by the effects of sound on the human psyche. After a life-changing experience with vibrational sound therapy, she devoted herself to learning this modality and utilizing the intuitive gifts that she’d known since childhood, but had pushed away as so many of us do.  Mary is devoted to serving others, expanding her musical life beyond entertainment and into the world of using sound as a spiritual healing practice. 

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