What exactly is Cryotherapy?

Maybe you have heard of Cryotherapy but haven't tried it yet or maybe you haven't heard of it at all. We are here to tell you the amazing benefits of this therapy.

So what exactly is Cryotherapy?

It's the modern day ice bath. You know how athletes are said or shown sitting in a tub of freezing cold ice water for long periods of time to help their bodies and aches recover or how we all have ran to the freezer to grab a bag of frozen vegetables to help a loved one with a sprained ankle. Well now we use WB Cryotherapy instead, not only is it less time consuming, only 3 minutes in total but less painful and less discomfort as well.

What we don't want to experience - see photos below

WB Cryotherapy engulfs your body in cold vapor within a chamber, with temperatures reaching negative 220 to negative 250 degrees.

When your body is exposed to such temperatures, your blood retracts to your core and enters a survival mode to keep your vital organs safe, then after the treatment the blood returns enriched with oxygen.

What we do want to experience - See photos below

Benefits of WB Cryotherapy

So first I would like to say, don't think of WB Cryotherapy as a single treatment but rather as an umbrella that covers a range of treatments to benefit both your mental and physical body.

  • Relieve Chronic Pain

  • Reduce Inflammation

  • Speed up Recovery time

  • May have a positive impact on existing skin conditions

  • Revs up your metabolism for losing weight and burning stubborn fat

  • Increased energy and mood booster which may be connected to the release of Catecholamines – adrenaline and noradrenaline

  • Supports your Immune system - Cold therapy has been recommended by doctors for its ability to boost the body’s Leptin levels, which has a proven connection to an improvement in immune function. The theory behind this is surprisingly simple: rapid exposure to extreme temperatures triggers the Hypothalamus to switch on anti-inflammatory processes within the body in a safe, effective way. By tricking the body into thinking it’s in ‘survival’ mode in this way, the regular immune processes within the body are increased.

  • Promotes production of anti-ageing Collagen, which may help with the appearance of cellulite.

  • Also some participants of WB Cryotherapy claim they sleep better.

So why not come down to La Bella Vita Wellness & Relaxation Center located at 119 Rt. 22, Green Brook, NJ 08812 and give it a try for you first time for only $48, regularly $69

Packages & Memberships available or call to throw a Cryo Party & Save.

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