Infrared Sauna Pod & Weight Loss





One of the most exciting benefits is weight loss. Incorporating infrared sessions with a healthy lifestyle can help you reach your weight loss or inch loss goals.

During a Infrared Sauna Pod session, your body’s core temperature is raised above 100.6°F, which causes your body to enter a cool-down mode, inducing 3-5 times more sweat than exercise alone. And since sweating burns calories, you’ll burn a lot of calories during your session.

Infrared can also re-balance your metabolism, speeding up the rate at which calories are burned throughout your session, and after it as well.

As organic acids are eliminated, your fasting insulin levels may drop toward normal, this can assist with stopping your body from being pushed to store carbs as fat.

Fat becomes water-soluble at 100.5°F and can break up into smaller particles, which can be eliminated from the body through the lymphatic system.

The greatest weight and inch-loss results are seen when Infrared Sauna Therapy sessions become part of your lifestyle, along with a balanced diet and regular exercise routine. 3-4 sessions per week for at least 2-4 weeks are recommended to see weight loss results.

Want greater results incorporate a 30 min Lymphatic Drainage Session to your visit followed by a 10 min session on our Vibration Plate. We also offer a great additional on body sprays, lotions to enhance your sweating session, purchase in store or on line and we will have it waiting for you.

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