Benefits of an Ionic Detox Foot Bath

Ionic Detox Foot Bath? What is it? What can it do for me?

One of the many treatments offered at La Bella Vita Wellness & Relaxation Center located at 119 Rt. 22 in Green Brook, NJ is their 30 min Ionic Detox Foot Bath.

People say they feel lighter after a session.

What are the benefits of detox foot baths?

  • Purging of heavy metals

  • A more balanced pH level

  • Reducing inflammation

  • Purging of yeast

  • Detoxifying the liver

  • Internal cleansing with full-body purge

  • Liver, kidney, and parasite cleansing

  • Enhancing the immune system

Who can benefit from ionic detox foot baths?

This treatment is a safe therapy for anyone over the age of 15 years, except for those who wear a pacemaker or have seizures. It is a suggested therapy for people who have accumulated many stored toxins and are not able to get rid of them efficiently, due to overworked liver, spleen, and kidney functions. This is especially recommended therapy for those who take a lot of medications. The ionic detox foot bath does not eliminate beneficial medications from the body.

What is an ionic detox foot bath?

An ionic detox foot bath is a natural method of assisting the body in eliminating harmful toxins, heavy metals, and other harmful foreign matter. While the client's feet are in the water, positive and negative ions are emitted by the foot bath system. This re-energizes the body and the red blood cells. It eliminates toxins that are stored in fat, kidneys, liver, bowels, and skin. The foot bath also triggers the body's lymphatic system, which helps with continuing detoxification for up to 24 to 48 hours after a session.

What is a detox foot bath session like?

During a 3o min session the client sits in a comfortable chair. A 30 min session consists of your feet being soaked in warm to hot water with an array placed into the tub with your feet and a band around a wrist, the machine is turned on and a current is made thru your body pulling the toxins out through the soles of your feet. The atmosphere of the room is dim lighting during the session with soft music playing and soft green, red or blue lighting. Room temperature water is supplied or a warm cup of tea may be requested to enjoy during your session. Some people may experience a slight tickling or tingling sensation during the ionic detox foot bath.

What can I expect after a detox foot bath session?

Most people will feel relaxed, balanced, and focused. Many say they feel lighter. After a detox foot bath, clients are encouraged to drink plenty of water to assist with elimination . Depending on the level of toxicity, some people may experience fatigue or headache after a session.

How do ionic detox foot baths balance molecules?

The major health objective is to have healthy cell molecules. There must be a balance of positive and negative ions in cells and molecules. If the atoms or molecules lose electrons, the atoms and molecules become positively-charged ions. If they gain electrons, they become negatively-charged ions. The ionic technique of cleansing through the feet provides a full-body purge of all vital organs. This can alleviate menopause symptoms, menstrual cramps, sexual health problems, skin problems, acne, sleep problems, restlessness, stress, toothaches, wrinkles, aches and pains, and yeast infections. The internal cleansing can also contribute to faster disease healing and injury recovery. Due to a busy and stressful lifestyle, many people do not eat a balanced diet. They may end up storing excessive quantities of toxins and waste products in their bodies. During a detoxifying foot bath session, ions from the module enter the body and begin to neutralize tissue acid wastes. This process is called reverse osmosis.

How many detox foot baths will I need?

It is suggested that you begin with a total of 6 to 8 sessions over a 1 month period to maximize detoxification. After these initial sessions, you can switch to monthly sessions. La Bella Vita Wellness offers single session as well as a 4 in a month package , which many purchase 2 of for the first month to enjoy the savings.

How quickly can I expect results for my condition?

This will all depend on your personal condition & lifestyle. The frequency of the detox foot bath sessions may also play a role.

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