Floatation Pod Therapy

Over 800lbs of Epsom Salt is dissolved in the water of the Floatation Pod which creates effortless floating. 

When you lay back into our 95 degree warm water, you will float, everyone floats! Float for 60 mins while either enjoying pure silence and darkness or enjoy Color LED (Chromotherapy) while listening to soothing music.

You have control over your own comfort. 

You may leave the light and/or Music on or off

and end your session whenever you like during your session time.

You will shower twice. 

First a shower to remove body oils/products

then after your float session to remove salt from your skin and hair.  Floating will leave your skin soft and smooth.

Please do not shave 8 hours prior, wait 1 week after any hair coloring.

Have a light meal 90 minutes prior so not to be too full nor famished.

Floating while pregnant is safe and enjoyable for mothers but we insist you consult your healthcare provider.  Remove Jewelry for the salt may effect some pieces.

No caffeine nor alcohol for several hours prior to floating.

We have a zero tolerance - no cannabis or mind altering substances prior to floating

Contacts must be removed please bring your supplies

Bathing suit, flip flops & swimmer's cap if you choose

Floating 1 to 2 times a week can improve your life!

 If you are claustrophobic, you should refrain from using the Pod

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