Whole Body Cryo

Cryotherapy is a process first used in Japan in 1978.  The body is exposed to ultra low temperature ranging between -200 to -240 degrees, dropping the skin's temperature to between 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

It's the modern day ice bath, an alternative to the much time consuming & uncomfortable traditional ice bath.  In just 3 minutes in our single person chamber which engulfs a persons body while keeping

their head and neck raised out of the unit and exposed to the room's air 

Our Unit's doors are never locked & a Staff member is always with you during your session


Whole Body Cryotherapy has a multitude of benefits and as a result one may experience reduction of inflammation, reduction of chronic pain, stimulation of collagen production which may improve the appearance of cellulite, increase in metabolism burning up to 800 calories & a feeling of well being or happy boost.

What to expect upon your arrival

Upon arrival you will be shown to a dressing room, where a robe, socks, gloves and clogs will be awaiting you,  You then move into our Whole Body Cryo Chamber room where our Cryo technician will assist you into the chamber while robed and as the technician elevates you up to expose your neck and head, you will disrobe and hand to technician to maximize skin exposure and benefits.  The technician then will advise you when to make quarter turns during the session, maximum time is 3 minutes.  When the session is nearing completion, the technician will hand you your robe and will assist you out of the unit.

Men must wear underwear or shorts

Women must remove any underwire bra, a jogging bra may be worn if preferred

Women panties are optional

Jewelry must be removed with the exception of wedding bands

Body Piercings must be removed or covered with cotton and taped

Skin and Hair must be dry

Please arrive early if it is your first visit with us


Cryofacial was developed by Jonas Kuehne, MD and uses Cryogenically cooled air to penetrate the layers of your face & Neck.  The Cryofacial helps boosts collagen production which may aid in regaining elasticity, firmness & give your face that healthy glow we all desire.  Some other benefits of the Cryofacial may include reduction in pore size, reduction in fine lines, reduction in pigmentation, giving your face & neck that clean & refreshed feeling. Cryofacial is said 

Our Cryoficail lasts 12 minutes and is so relaxing!

Local Cryotherapy

Unlike whole body cryotherapy, local cryotherapy can be used to target specific areas delivering the benefits of WB Cryo locally.  Clients frequently combine this treatment with WB Cryo to treat specific problem areas. 

Cryotherapy helps decrease inflammation, accelerate recovery and assist with pain.

We treat an area with localized Cryo to draw the blood away from the area

so it becomes more oxygenated &  speeds up the healing process as a result

Time length of sessions varies with area being treated







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